5 Holiday Family Fun Activites: Quarantine Style

Covid Quarantine sucks!

But you know staying inside is the right thing to do.

Still, the holidays just won’t be the same without Uncle Mike’s after dinner dirty jokes.  

Or can it?  With apps like Zoom and Whatsapp, you can have your family and friends having fun right where you are!

In your living room, quarantine style.

Here are 5 Family Fun Activities that will keep your people close.. but not too close.

 1 – Family Photo Contest.


Get your Inner Photographer on!

Invite your family and friends to a fun photo contest!

Best pic wins the prize (and bragging rights!)


    1. Pick a theme: Best Dressed, Most Creative, Over the Top!
    2. Pick a prize: Bragging rights. Cold hard cash. 
    3. Choose deadline: For picture submission
    4. Hold "The Big Reveal" event on Zoom or other video app. 

      Check out this link that breaks down the steps to having a successful Photo Contest. Though geared toward families with kids, the info is easily adaptable for Adult Only fun!

       2 – Virtual Scavenger Hunt.

      Indoor Scavenger Hunt List

      Remember Scavenger Hunts? 

      In the 80's it  seemed almost every child's birthday party had a scavenger hunt! 
      Kids running wild around the house and yard. Trying to be the 1st team to find all the objects on the list.

      Since most of us are home anyway, you and your family can do the same! Quarantine style. 


        1. Create a list of typical indoor items
        2. Share the list with several households. The More the Merrier!
        3. Determine time frame to search for the items. 
        4.  Ready, Set, GO!

          Think you can't do a Virtual Scavenger Hunt? Think again!  Click here to learn how.

          3 – Family Game Night.

          Monoply Game Board

          If your family is like ours there are just two things you love to do after holiday dinner.  Eat dessert and play board games.

          At our home when dessert hit the table, so did the Tripoli game.  

          You can keep the tradition alive this year. Click Here to learn how you can organize a successful virtual board game party.  Just don't forget that pie!

          4 - Virtual Movie Night.

          National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Home Alone. How the Grinch Stole Christmas. 

          Do you see the theme here?

          Watching favorite holiday movies with family was like a ritual. We could not start A Charlie Brown's Christmas until all the kids were in front of the T.V.

          Though 4 generations are not getting together this year, we'll still watch our traditional holiday movies together. Just from our own living rooms on Zoom!

          Check out this video how to set up your Zoom Movie Night.

          5 – Virtual New Years Eve Party.

          Young Black Couple blowing out 2021 candles on cake


          Who says you’ve got to toast in 2021 alone?   

          Hosting a New Year’s Eve Party from your living room is quite easy. Mailing of invitations not needed.

          Your party can be as simple as getting everyone together on Zoom  to watch Ball drop - New York Times Square official website.

          Or a full out party with decorations, music and food.  Find all you need right here to finally say GOODBYE to the year 2020!!

          Some say that 2020 is a Bust.

          We say, let’s finish 2020 full of hope for the New Year!

          Surrounded by the people we love by while Staying Safe so we can enjoy a  fabulous 2021!

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