7 Steps To Start Your Own LLC in Michigan

If you currently run a business or have an idea, creating an LLC gives you a means to protect it & yourself. Here's 7 easy steps to form your own LLC in Michigan:

1. Search your business name on LARA Online Filing System for MI.

2. Go to Michigan’s Online Registration Page.

  • Click on the following for your standard MI LLC

3. Fill out the Articles of Organization online form

  • Article II & III

Leave these blank. This defaults your purpose for the business as “all purpose” and the duration of your business is “perpetual”.

  • Article V

Type in “The entity will be managed by one or more managers.”

4. Choose an optional expedited service. (I suggest 24-hours)

5. Click review & submit your payment.

6. After you receive confirmation, search LARA online filing for your entity’s name.

7. To apply for an EIN for your business, apply here on IRS.gov.


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