8 Methods I Use To Gain Followers on Social Media

Today, many people feel like social media is the best way to promote their business. From my experience, while a strong social media following doesn't directly correlate to sales, it does impact how your audience views your business/brand.

Just think of the page with 500 followers vs the page with 50K followers, at first glance the 50K page is perceived as the more credible page. Here's 8 tips I've used over the years to grow Reign Bow Ties, Respect The Hustle Media, and other social media brand pages:

  1. Follow & engage with your competitor's followers - When you like, comment, or subscribe to an account, you immediately show up at the top of their notifications. If your page has lots of content and looks like a legit brand, they'll at least consider following back.

    I'm sure you've seen this same behavior from those fake bot accounts that like your stories out of absolutely no where. The idea here is to get your page in as many notifications as possible & stand out!

  2. Pay for sponsored posts - When people see multiple pages talking about your brand, not just YOU, they start to take you more seriously. This is called building credibility.

    Take some time and make a list of pages that YOU and YOUR AUDIENCE follow for inspiration. Once you finish the list, reach out! Let them know about your business and that you're looking to promote on their platform.

    P.S. If you're genuine with your approach most times they're willing to work with you!


  3. Add geo-tags to increase local engagement - When you add Geo-Tags to your posts they show up when others search for that location.

    For example, if you add "Detroit" as your location your post will show for anyone searching by the "Detroit" geo-tag. This is one of the best ways to get recognized in your area on social media & build some local recognition.

  4. Turn your Instagram stories into Highlights - When you have a series of story posts that relate to the same subject, compile them into a Highlight on Instagram.

    I've seen people use this method to educate on a subject, showcase products, promote a giveaway or campaign. There's so many ways you can go about this! Just remember, this is one of the first things new followers will see. So be mindful of what you want to show.


  5. Create content from newest Trends - I've always neglected to create content from trends. (Yes, I take my self WAYYY too seriously) But the truth is, trends are fun! P.S. Also the algorithm is made to push the newest, trendiest videos.

    People love to see you and your original take on the newest Social Media trends. It's also a fun way to speak on scenarios you've ACTUALLY been through. So just scroll through and find a few videos that you like & want to recreate.

    Here's a simple equation so you can understand what I mean: Niche Audience + Social Media Trend + Quality Content = Engaging Content!

  6. Host a giveaway for your followers. Include a Call-To-Action - I tried once to host a giveaway. I didn't get many followers, but a lot of my followers did complete the Call-To-Action (a quick survey on their bow tie preference) and showed me that people will do a small task to get free stuff!

    So this route could be used to gain followers, but it's best use is to boost engagement from a specific group.


  7. Follow-Unfollow Method - It seems cheap but it works! It works best when your consistently posting and creating a history of social media engagement. When people see that a LEGIT BRAND followed them, they almost always wanna know why.

    So if you've structured your online business like a professional brand and you follow people in your niche, more than likely they'll give you a follow back. And those who don't, take some time to unfollow them and start again!

  8. Collab with micro-influencers - This has always been my favorite thing to do! The principle here is to find people that fit your brand and mission, then send them free products and ask them to make a video about it. Whether it be a fashion video or something funny, just allow them to be themself and watch the magic happen!

    And with this age of social media, it's so easy to find and connect with people from all around the world. I made a list of influencers I'd like to work with and just started reaching out. Some said they charge a fee, but I only worked with those who were okay with free products & a home photo shoot.

    But once people see OTHERS using your product, it makes them feel like your an official brand account.

Here's a few extra methods that help with building your Social Media account!

  • Consider the best posting times. (Check your analytics)
  • Tag related pages in your post.
  • Cross-platform promoting. (Ask followers from one platform to follow another platform.)
  • Clean up your bio & add a Call-To-Action link.
  • Create a LinkTree to create links to your different offerings.


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