What Colors Are Trending This Fall? | Fall Fashion 2020

Every season has a palette, and it changes from year to year. Incorporating the seasons trending tones into your wardrobe is an easy way to update it and stay on trend, without replacing your entire closet. A few key pieces in trending shades can take last year’s look and make it relevant.

Looking at menswear looks on the runways of 2020, the season’s colors are deep, dynamic, and include a combination of rich shades and neutrals colors. Wearable colors like burgundy, navy blue, and head-to-toe black are dominating the menswear looks of fall 2020 and it’s easy to grab a few items that will update your look in an affordable way.  

Now is the perfect time to take inspiration and update your wardrobe with the classic pieces and a curated selection of menswear accessories. Let’s take a look at the Fall 2020 Color Palette:

  1. Burgundy

A deep burgundy shade pairs well with neutrals or the all-black look that is incredibly popular for the fall-winter 2020 season. This deep shade of red with hints of purple is a staple when cold weather approaches.

  1. Navy Blue

Shades of navy blue are on-trend this fall with several runway looks featuring the shade in menswear and women’s fashion. You’ll see many designers incorporating navy blue with black  or olive for a sophisticated look that will take your style from autumn to winter seamlessly.  If you already have a neutral suit in your closet, pair it with a navy-blue pocket square for an autumn update.

  1. Olive Green


Olive green is an earth tone that’s making rounds again amongst style influencers around the world. This shade is great on all skin tones, and pairs well with neutrals, black and burgundy – an easy way to update your style.

  1. Brown

Vintage looks are back, in a big way. Brown is being paired with black, neutrals, earth tones and even unconventional shades like navy blue. Have fun withy our wardrobe and try something new! Rich shades of chocolate or deep coco are making their way onto the runway with varying textures from wool to silk.

  1. Black


If you purchase a high-quality piece in Black, whether it’s a bow-tie or a suit, you simply cannot go wrong! Black is in style for every season, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.  Whether you’re in head-to-toe black or added depth to your look with black neckwear, your style will be on trend not only this season but for years to come.

  1. Shades of Grey

Grey was a trending look in summer 2020, and the good news is, it’s here to stay. Shades of grey are everywhere and can be incorporated into your look with a well-tailored jacket. Combining neutrals with shades of grey is an updated look for fall.


We’re well into October now and if you haven’t updated your fall look, now is the time. Finding well-made pieces that can transform your look into updated styles that are trendy yet classic is easy…and most of your shopping can be done online.  Take your everyday look and add a simple accessory to update it. There’s no need to drop a fortune on an entire new wardrobe.  

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