We Gained 3.5K New Followers on YouTube Channel in 2022!

I officially started building Respect The Hustle in January 2021. It's going on two years and I honestly couldn't believe all the progress we've made. Shoutout to the 3.5K new YouTube subscribers who joined us this year! I've always been a believer in being consistent and being the one of the best in your field. (Not saying I'm the best but I'm trying!) So it's amazed me to see the work pay off and people be able to enjoy the content we put out. (Click here to visit our YouTube Channel) 

Here's our top video from 2022.

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It's been a year of ups and downs, but most importantly it's been a year of establishing our process. Creating the systems and foundations needed to run a multi-platform business for the next few years.

My original vision was to create a platform where people can learn and leverage info to make their own income. So stay tuned! This next chapter, we're done with the inconsistency and we're FOCUSED on providing information to our viewers. Along bringing you detailed, informative business insights in the form of entertaining videos!

I can't wait for what comes next, if you love what we're doing too I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to contact me and let me know if we're doing a good job.

Thank you for your continued support! - Respect The Hustle

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