Reign Bow Ties: More Bow Ties & Pocket Squares in 2022

Hey! This is William Murphy, I'm the owner of Reign Bow Ties.

I started Reign Bow Ties back in 2014 as a way to stay active after another summer of not being able to work due to injury (that's just how my life goe). I was determined not to let those crutches keep me from enjoying my summer!

What started off as a way to pass the time, turned into a platform for me to influence my family and my community. I used it as my platform to speak at events, work with youth groups across Michigan, and empower people to be their own brand!

We finalized our first wholesale orders in 2017-18. After struggling to complete our first few bulk orders, it was clear to us that if we wanted to grow something would have to change.

Now we're back! With our first collection launched since 2018, Browse Our Bow Ties & Pocket Squares Here.

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