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 Reign Bow Ties was founded as a young man’s journey from poverty to financial independence, all in the name of style.

At age 17, for the second year in a row William Murphy had his summer fun cut short. This time injuring his foot after going for a rebound in a local pickup game with some friends. Preventing him from going to his job at KFC and earning some money of his own, Murphy asked himself what could he do instead to make some cash this summer?

While laying in bed one day and staring at the single black bow tie hanging from his closet door, he thought it would be cool to have a Bow Tie for every color outfit in his wardrobe.

Murphy spent most of his money on video games, collecting snapback hats, and clothes from the thrift store. He was always a fan of color coordinating clothes and wanted bow ties to go with his collection of hats.

When his senior year at Wayne Memorial High School started in the Fall he’d wear his bow ties around school. Some thought it was strange, but others loved it and showed major support for Murphy’s bow ties.

From Spirit Week and Christmas to Prom, Murphy would take orders from his classmates and start building the foundation for Reign Bow Ties.

Since launching the brand, the Reign Bow Ties team have stood as advocates for entrepreneurship and empowering youth throughout Michigan. Not only by providing top quality products to our customers, but by volunteering and actively contributing to our community.




We believe in spreading joy and making others feel good too. It costs nothing to be kind to others. With every act of kindness, we’re one step closer to a world of unity and understand. By focusing on promoting positive vibes, we can promote unity and understanding in our community.


We know that the first step to accomplishing great things is actually believing that you can. That’s why we’re so invested in empowering aspiring entrepreneurs. By using our platform to educate aspiring entrepreneurs we can help build the next generation of business owners.


We all have a variety of different experiences and beliefs that make us who we are! This is why we truly believe that EVERYONE has their own unique value to offer. By leveraging that and empowering our team to be creative, we feel that’s how we’ll grow as a brand.


We want our supporters to be comfortable rooting for each other. That starts first with understanding one another. By encouraging our community to share their stories we can build a culture of mutual respect and collaboration.


We understand that if you don’t work, you don’t eat! It’s old fashioned hard work that’s gotten us this far. From fulfilling your last-minute bow tie orders to speaking at local events, being willing to do the things our competition won’t is what sets us apart!


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