Who's Behind Reign Bow Ties?

Our Mission

Reign Bow Ties aims to inspire self-confidence, individuality, and creative expression by providing the highest quality Men's accessories and showing the world unique ways to wear classic men's accessories beyond the traditional suit and tie. We believe that dress isn't just about looking good but feeling good. Your style makes you unique; embrace it!

How it started

What started off as a young man's search to find his own unique style resulted in the founding of Reign Bow Ties.

William started wearing bow ties when he was just 15. He was tired of wearing normal neck ties and didn't want to spend $40 on a new bow tie. He decided it was time for a change. At age 17, William was home one summer day restrained by crutches from an injury he suffered the day before when he asked himself how he could pass the time while on crutches.

He decided to research ways he could refine his own unique style; to look cool by his own standards. William’s vision was to have one bow tie to match every outfit in his wardrobe. With support and advice from his mother they opened a shop and started Reign Bow Ties.