Taking Care of Your Tie

Here's a few tips on how to keep your Reign Bow Ties looking fresh:
  • Hang up your tie after taking it off. After unhooking your tie from your neck, hook it onto a tie rack or hanger. Though it may have been a long day, hang it up if you want to keep your tie looking fresh.

  • Spot clean only. Grab a towel and dampen it with warm water. Next, use mild soap to get any stains out. Finally, after wiping away any stains hang your tie to air dry. A clean bow tie is a happy bow tie
  • Never use bleach! Whatever commercial products you use to clean your tie DO NOT use bleach. Not only will it discolor non-white ties but the bleach may begin to yellow your white ties. Bleach will ruin your tie.
Use these tips to keep your bow ties and yourself looking fresh and brand new!